York's Central Market is young again at 125

ERIN JAMES / The York Dispatch
505-5439 / @ydcity
Updated:   04/05/2013 07:55:32 AM EDT

Lunchtime bustled in a 125-year-old York City market brighter and busier Thursday than it's been in decades.
That's not to say Central Market looks drastically different than it did a year ago.

The changes are subtle, hidden more in the context of what's missing than what's been added. Market's rustic, 19th century appeal is intact and fusing with the 21st-century demand for sushi and Pennsylvania Dutch potato salad for sale in one place.

A $1.9 million renovation project completed this month has meant better lighting, fewer ugly wires and more places to set up stands like the one Arimboh Achu opened with her mother in February.

The two women, who hail originally from Cameroon, will sell African-Caribbean cuisine prepared three times a week in the rent-a-kitchen facility just a stone's throw from their Global Café business. Achu said she and her mother, Renee, started using YorKitchen about three years ago....more.