PA Gourmet returns to York Expo Center

Posted: 11/07/2012 04:07:01 PM EST Flipside magazine

Playing with food is no longer a faux pas.

More people are digging in with both hands. Thanks to the foodie movement, it's now trendy to experiment with what we eat and how we serve it. There are entire TV stations - Food Network and Cooking Channel - devoted to those topics.

Enter: PA Gourmet. The event, which takes the place of the former Pennsylvania Food & Beverage Show, covers all things food, drink and entertaining. It kicks off its second year this weekend at the York Expo Center. ...

YorKitchen in York's Central Market can be a resource for domestic cooks and an incubator for those trying to translate their culinary skills into a business, said project manager Aeman Bashir.

"Food has always been such a central point in families and in different cultures," she said. "I think people are starting to come back to that as an important element of family togetherness."

As a PA Gourmet exhibitor, YorKitchen will highlight some local businesses that rent the shared commercial kitchen, including Nuts About Granola, Hattie's Gourmet Cheesecake and Sucré Salé. Fledging food companies don't usually get the chance to reach such a large audience in one night, Bashir said.

The show will also let people know that the space is open to community groups and families who might need more elbow room for holiday baking and party prep.  ...more