YorKitchen @ Central Market
 34 West Philadelphia Street
 York, PA 17401
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About Us

York City Shared Kitchen (YorKitchen) in 2010 which was completed in July 2011. 

About YorKitchen

YorKitchen is a unique service to residents of the City of York, the surrounding Central Pennsylvania area and beyond. It is a shared commercial kitchen incubator available for rent by the hour to food producers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Located downtown in the annex of Central Market House, the kitchen is located in the middle of a produce and food hub. Typically, what stands between the farmer or food entrepreneur and creating a new venture is the start-up costs to construct a licensed commercial kitchen to prepare their new products.

YorKitchen is ideal for anyone who ever had a recipe they thought they would like to sell, a small business dream or even a small business who would like room to grow. The kitchen has a wide variety of commercial equipment, work tables, and every necessity needed to make your business succeed and grow. We are currently accepting applications to use the kitchen and we would love to answer any additional questions you may have.  More information about using the kitchen can be found on the Getting Started page of the website. YorKitchen will not only stimulate small business growth in the city, county and surrounding area, but nurture it as well with entrepreneurial incubator services provided by the Entrepreneurial Support Alliance.

Additionally, YorKitchen is an asset to the local agricultural community. Product diversity contributes considerably to a farm’s economic performance. YorKitchen allows agricultural producers the ability to create value-added products with their commodities. With the ability to make pies from fruit crops or cider from apples production, for example, YorKitchen will directly contribute to helping these farms become more sustainable and successful.

 About the Rojahn Performance Kitchen

 YorKitchen proudly present The Rojahn Performance Kitchen as part of the Shared Kitchen Incubator of York.  Jack LaCesa, President of Rojahn Custom Cabinetry, has coordinated efforts to produce a show kitchen that will be a complimentary part of the commercial kitchen. The performance kitchen will be available to rent for classes, cooking shows and many other events. “Rojahn Company is proud to support the community in the revitalization of the Central Market. This is a great way to celebrate the legacy of the Rojahn Company, the Rojahn family and the cabinet company that has been doing business in York County for 50 years,” stated Jack LaCesa, President, Rojahn Custom Cabinetry.

The Rojahn Performance Kitchen will feature cooking demonstrations, free sampling and tastings from local restaurants and chefs, and will be open to the public during each market day at Central Market from 11:00AM – 1:00PM. Additionally, the kitchen will be available to rent in the off hours for private parties, Pampered Chef shows, and fun and educational cooking classes.

About our Cooking Classes

YorKitchen features many fun and educational classes on all types of subjects. Want to have a fun night out and tired of the same old thing? Then these entertaining, hands-on, and demonstrative cooking classes are right for you. Classes are led by local chefs, professionals and restaurant owners to bring delicious and homemade food into our busy lives. For a schedule of classes, please see the Events pages.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please complete the following form and return it to YorKitchen: Class Instructor Application.

About our Nutrition Education

These educational seminars will include such topics as: eating healthy on a budget, eating fresh foods throughout the year (canning and blanching techniques), how to read nutrition labels, and more. Programming will touch all walks of life and provide the much needed education about the importance of our local agricultural economy.  Please see the Events pages for upcoming classes.