The Chili Shack cooks up kid-friendly cuisine

Leigh Zaleski, FlipSide staff
Posted: 06/13/2012 11:19:32 AM EDT

Tom Bradney didn't really like chili when he was a younger.

Then he had to eat it once when he was 14 years old at hunting camp. He decided it wasn't too bad.

As a father of five children, Bradney often made large batches of chili and worked toward perfecting his recipe: smooth, with few chunks of tomatoes - very kid friendly.

Now, he sells it at market and eats it every time he works.

In April 2011, he got laid off after working for about 30 years in manufacturing and warehouse management. About six months later, he spiced up his career and opened The Chili Shack at Market and Penn Street Farmers' Market. more...