Can’t stand the heat? Take your meal prep out of the kitchen or at least off the stove top

Smart Magazine
by Teresa Cook · June 23, 2014

Chef Erik Gotwalt prepares a Watermelon, Cucumber and Tomato Salad at YorKitchen (Photo by Chris Dunn)

Cooking in summer? Don’t do it — at least not inside.

So says Erik Gotwalt, a York County chef. “Stay away from the oven and stove and try to cook as much outside as you can.”

And when planning what to serve, think bright and fresh. He said citrus, fresh berries and fruits add color and a fresh taste to summer meals.

Gotwalt, a York native and graduate of Eastern York High School, said Americans do love their barbecue food for picnics in the summer, but you can add a light note with summer recipes that don’t require cooking.

Frances Dietz of Springettsbury Township recommends using the grocery store salad bar to make quick work of salads and side dishes.

Dietz, who is retired after teaching home economics in the West York Area School District, gives cooking lessons in her home. She suggests adding fruits and vegetables to items from the deli case for an easy way to improve nutrition. And she saves time on desserts for picnics and potlucks by building off a box mix.

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