Have Passport, Will Travel

YorKitchen brings ethnic cuisine to local residents

By Cindy Kalinoski, June 2014 Edition of Susquehanna Style Magazine

As York morphs into a more cultured version of itself, food plays a leading role in its transformation. It seems the more that Yorkers try food from other countries, the more of it they want. Aeman Bashir, who manages YorKitchen, a food-centric small business incubator under the umbrella of the York County Economic Alliance, noticed this trend and wanted to encourage it.

“I knew that the taste buds were maturing in York,” she says, “and we were getting more transplants from other communities who were introducing it to ‘the natives’ here.”
Bashir wanted to “tap into the immigrant population so they could test the market before they dove in, to see if there was enough interest without having all of the initial capital needed to jump right into a restaurant.” Passport to Flavors fit the bill...

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