YorKitchen featured in national study


Published 8/5/13 by Econsult Solutions

Over the past five years a significant number of kitchen incubators have opened around the country, prompting the need for a national survey and industry snapshot. Kitchen incubators are shared-use commercial kitchens that culinary entrepreneurs can rent by the hour or block of time in order to commercially produce food products. The need for a kitchen incubator stems from the fact that in many places it is illegal to run a food business out of a home kitchen. In many jurisdictions food products may only be prepared for wholesale or retail in a commercial kitchen that is licensed by the proper local or state regulatory agencies. Even in areas where certain products may be legally produced from home (per cottage food laws), many products still require a licensed facility, and in addition, most home kitchens cannot accommodate commercial-grade equipment and are not appropriate for running a business enterprise.

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